ATL Tech Recaps: Edition 1

Featuring highlights from Atlanta Startup Village #55.

 ATL Startup Village is the largest monthly gathering of entrepreneurs in the southeast, hosted at  Atlanta Tech Village .

ATL Startup Village is the largest monthly gathering of entrepreneurs in the southeast, hosted at Atlanta Tech Village.

It was that time of the month again.

Yesterday was the last Monday of February and the top tech talent in Atlanta rushed to their favorite spot to get free beer & check out some startup pitches.

If you are new to the Atlanta tech eco-system, you should definitely check out this awesome meetup: Atlanta Startup Village (hosted at ATV).

#ATLSV has one simple goal: To provide a forum for the new expression of ideas and business (in a five-minute pitch model), but also give entrepreneurs a place to discuss roadblocks and moving forward in a fun, friendly, inclusive environment.

For the folks who couldn’t attend, we’ve decided to give you a little glimpse. Here’s the companies who pitched at last night’s event.

1st Pitch:

Company: TechStars

What was the pitch about: TechStars is a world class accelerator program with an incredible list of mentors and successful startups to boot. They are looking for new applications for their Atlanta program. (deadline: Apr 8!)

More Links:

 TechStars presenters  Michael Cohn  &  Rachel Ford

TechStars presenters Michael Cohn & Rachel Ford

2nd Pitch:

Company: Patientory

What was the pitch about: Patientory is empowering people to take charge of their own health using their cutting-edge blockchain technology. The demo was really cool!

More Links:

 Patientory presenter  Chrissa  McFarlane

Patientory presenter Chrissa McFarlane

3rd Pitch:

Company: Cloudnosys

What was the pitch about: Cloudnosys platform delivers security, compliance, cost and DevOps automation. There was live demo of an AWS scan!

More Links:

 Cloudnosys presenter  Ahmed Khan

Cloudnosys presenter Ahmed Khan

4th Pitch:

Company: SeatCheck

What was the pitch about: SeatCheck lets individuals seated at a restaurant find those looking for an open table. Their Youtube videos won the crowd!

More Links:

 SeatCheck team  Akber  & his wife

SeatCheck team Akber & his wife

5th Pitch:

Company: Fred!

What was the pitch about: Fred! is a fun and hassle-free way to transform your outdoor space, piece-by-piece! The founder showed before and after pictures of their recent project and it was a mind-blowing yard transformation.

More Links: Fred! is part of Switchyards (the awesome B2C hub in ATL)

 Fred! presenter  Greg Kawalek

Fred! presenter Greg Kawalek

And that’s a wrap.

Thanks to the super sweet people at Mercer University and Mobile Labs for sponsoring last night’s event. Oh, there’s a live video recap that you can soon watch here — thanks to Pull Spark.

See y’all in the next edition of ATL Tech Recaps 😃