ATL Tech Recaps: Edition 2

Featuring highlights from Drift Roadshow in Atlanta


ICYMI: Last night’s Drift Roadshow in Atlanta was better than the Oscars.

At least to the SaaS startup community in Atlanta.

We’ve been waiting for this one ever since it was announced and it didn’t disappoint. The best minds in B2B marketing and sales minds came together at Atlanta Tech Village to fire up some amazing conversations.

We figured there might be some folks who couldn’t attend so decided to compile a quick read of some key observations, lessons and insights from the night.


Panel Discussion: Conversational Marketing and the Future of the Buying Process

An amazing panel of Anne MarsdenTami McQueen and John Barrows moderated by Dave Gerhardt.

Top 8 takeaways:

  1. Marketing and Sales can no longer afford to work in silos.
  2. Personal brand matters — ask SnapChat after Kylie Jenner’s tweet.
  3. Audit what you are publishing. Don’t push push push.
  4. Content is King but Context is God.
  5. Everyone is using SalesLoft the wrong way like plain vanilla automation with no relevancy or personalization.
  6. Sales reps don’t need help in finding marketing content but actually in knowing what to say the first 15 seconds of picking up the phone. That’s where coaching comes in.
  7. Buyers don’t just want a stiff elevator pitch.
  8. 10 years from now, we won’t be talking about the personalization problem in sales because buyers will force a change in the market. They are smart!

Fireside Chat: DC vs DC

One of the best highlights from the night was this lively chat between David Cancel and David Cummings (one from Boston and the other from our very own Atlanta). The anecdotes and entrepreneurship tales were packed with gems of wisdom. The stories span from their humble roots to over night successes (joking, there’s no such thing as overnight success in startups!). You have to check out more of this interview on Drift’s podcast Seeking Wisdom.

Top 3 takeaways:

1. Most over-night successes take several years and are filled with rejections.

(David Cummings was rejected by 29 VCs all over the US for Pardot. He didn’t decide to raise money at all and bootstrapped his way to $13m ARR. Drift toiled for 3 years before becoming the Drift as we know it.)

2. David Cancel: Brand is how you stand out in the current competitive SaaS landscape. SaaS is in its 3rd wave right now and the market is crowded as hell.The only way to be relevant to your customer is by having a story and living the story.

3. David Cummings: In the same vein, the best way a new startup can break in is by focusing on the customer at a personal level. Do things that don’t scale. Spend time 1–1 with the customer and understand their problem and how you can solve it. It is so easy to get lost in the sea of software tools to do this but there’s never been a better time to care to do this personally.

And that’s a wrap.

Thanks to the awesome team from Drift for bringing the  to Atlanta and setting up a seamless event for all of us (Special kudos to Janna & Kaitlyn).

See y’all in the next edition of ATL Tech Recaps. 😃