ATL Tech Recaps: Edition 3

Featuring highlights from Switchyards’ April Consumer Show

“This area has always been a site of dreams getting real. From a rag-picker’s desire to have a home for his family to a technology incubator that launches design-centric brands for consumers. It’s 151 Spring Street.”

That’s how Switchyards describes itself.

Last week, our cofounder KP attended the April’s Consumer Show (a monthly event where 5 B2C startups pitch at Switchyards) and got to hang out with the makers and shakers of Atlanta’s B2C startup community.


If you are new to the Atlanta B2C eco-system, you should definitely check out this awesome monthly gathering at Switchyards.

For the folks who couldn’t attend the event, we’ve decided to write a recap and present some highlights.

Here’s the companies who pitched at Consumer Show on April 5th, 2018:

1st Pitch:

Company: Toss

What was the pitch about: Dress to be the best version of yourself, using what is already in your wardrobe.

Ask from the community: Sign up to be a beta tester.


2nd Pitch:

Company: Lockbox Local

What was the pitch about: Lockbox Local is a secure deposit payment app, that ensures all transactions made between local sellers and buyers are safe and secure.

Ask from the community: Download the app & give your feedback.


3rd Pitch:

Company: Fixd

What was the pitch about: 
FIXD translates what your car is trying to tell you into simple, understandable terms. No vague light. No confusing technical definition. Just the information that you need to know.

Ask from the community: Try the product and provide feedback.


4th Pitch:

Company: Bungii

What was the pitch about: Bungii, the Uber for pickup trucks that move & deliver furniture & large items. Pickup truck rental or renting U-Hauls is a thing of the past.

Ask from the community: Get the app and provide feedback.


5th Pitch:

Company: SeatCheck

What was the pitch about: Seat Check lets individuals seated at a restaurant (Host), find those looking for an open table. The two parties connect on an app, meet at the table and share their lives, work and passions.

Ask from the community: Get their app and provide feedback.


And that’s a wrap.

Thank you for reading. It is always fun covering stories and features on new startups and small businesses.

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Signing off, KP from ClosingPage.

See y’all in the next edition of ATL Tech Recaps 😃