EXCITING NEWS: ClosingPage is live.

After a few months in private beta, we are ready for you.


Hello people, are you shaking off your Monday morning blues yet? 

May be some warm and exciting news can help.

We’re so stoked to share that ClosingPage went LIVE to the big wide world last night at 12:00AM.

This is our first public version that’s available on the internet. Anyone with a LinkedIn account can join. For Free. 

It includes the most value we could squeeze into the smallest bundle of features. More interesting add-ons are coming soon in the next release.

Our small list of 40 private beta users have been shaping this product so far. Their advice was golden and now we are ready for everyone’s feedback. 

This product was built with the goal to make your follow-ups more human. As we wrote here, our target market primarily is sales professionals looking to do better than outdated follow-up emails with too many clunky attachments. 

So, go get ClosingPage for free & wow your customers. 

Also, if you like our product, please help us get in front of your friends/coworkers by sharing this pre-filled tweet on your Twitter/LinkedIn accounts.

Once again, thank you for the love and support.

 — Humans behind ClosingPage

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