How to sell to millennial B2B customers.

73 percent of millennial workers are involved in B2B purchasing decisions today, so here’s a few tips on leveling up your sales game so you meet their unique demands.

 Photo by  on  Unsplash

Photo by on Unsplash

The advertising legend David Ogilvy once famously said: “Consumer isn’t a moron. She is your wife.”

He meant that if you want to make money in advertising, you’ll have to respect your audience.

He believed that a mere slogan and a few fancy adjectives wouldn’t cut it for the customer— she wants more relevant information to persuade her.

 Source: BannerSnack

Source: BannerSnack

That was all in the 80s era. It is 2018 now and it’s time to get an upgrade. The quote that represents our times more accurately is:

The customer isn’t a moron. She is a millennial.  —  KP

Yes, that means it’s even worse for a marketer/salesperson today. The millennial customer powered with internet in their palms is more skeptical and hence warrants more relevant information than a 80s “wife” characterized in David’s quote.

Below are some tips on help you serve better to the modern B2B millennial customer:

  1. Acknowledge the Millennials: First of all, acknowledge they are here. 73% of millenials are engaged in decision making at B2B purchases. Millennials matter.
  2. Understand the Millennial Mindset: Millennials have more choices today than ever and they are not afraid to switch. Loyalty is low in the modern generation so it is important to invest in exceptional customer success.
  3. Be value-driven: Millennials are demanding transparency, values, relevancy and engagement. (IBM Institute for Business Value, 2015)
  4. Use modern tools: Still using an archaic process (like VMs) because it only helps you do your job better? Bad. Millennials tend to respect the latest technology than tradition. Keep up with the times and modernize your stack.
  5. Produce great content: Put compelling content out there and stay on top of the noise. A recent trend is where people are becoming brands and brands are becoming more human. Stick with this and use social and email channels to appeal to them in a more human way.
  6. Keep sales personal: Lastly, make every sales touchpoint personal. You have no excuse not to learn a lot about most millennials online(through LinkedIn etc), so ditch the canned email and craft a message that shows you took the time to understand the individual on the other end.

Thanks for reading. Now, it’s your turn. What are your tips on selling to modern b2b millennial customers? Feel free to share your thoughts and lessons.

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