What is ClosingPage?


Hi there! Welcome to our 1st ever blog post. If you landed on our website for the first time or may have accidentally clicked one of our social media links, you might wonder: Where am I? And how did I get to ClosingPage?

We're happy to host you here on your brief visit and answer that question. While we're at it, we'd like to address another really key question too. "How did WE get to ClosingPage?"

Let us introduce ourselves. We are an eclectic group of problem solvers who turned towards the B2B sales landscape recently.  

Previously, we built BICAD. For almost 3 years, we designed delightful and engaging content for B2B companies. Our clients loved us, we got written about in the media and won a slew of awards. We were ready for our next mission: a tech startup that can touch not just a handful of clients but millions of customers worldwide.

The journey with BICAD and our B2B clients has led us to believe there is power in business content. We spent a good amount (9 months!) of time doing customer discovery in the most rigorous way possible. We interviewed over 40 sales reps and leaders in the B2B SaaS space and over 30 other startup professionals on the problems they faced daily in regards to business content.

Interestingly, the most emerging consensus was around how follow-ups were done. The status quo of sending email follow-ups with attachments is archaic and not working for many of them. This problem spoke to us personally. We have had the exact not-so-fun experience of a) sending sh*tty follow-up emails because that was the standard b) not knowing where the clients' eyeballs were c) not knowing when to follow up again.

We decided we shall roll up our sleeves and take a dagger at this problem ourselves.

Thus ClosingPage was born.  

So come join us in transforming how follow-ups are done. Give us a try. We certainly strive to back our words with actions. Our beta product is getting its final touches and we'd be happy to sign you up for a free trial. Would you be interested?

- Humans behind ClosingPage