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At ClosingPage, we love sales professionals and want to welcome everyone to give modern authentic follow-ups a try. Get a free account and start building up to 30 pages a month. You will get basic analytics which helps to guess less with your sales content. No credit card required. Start away!




Upgrade to Pro to get UNLIMITED and UNTAPPED access to how your content has performed with customers. Our intelligent alerts will keep you up to date on when your customer is viewing your page and how. With Pro, you also have no limit on the number of pages so you get the flexibility to iterate and learn. Custom branding is included so now your VP Marketing can breathe easy.

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White labeling for the win! With Enterprise upgrade, you are riding first class along with the champagne. Custom branding - CHECK, integrations to your favorite CRM - CHECK, Team Analytics - CHECK, Reports and Charts - CHECK. There is a minimum 5 seat requirement so talk to us if you are a kick-ass sales team looking to modernize your follow-ups as a unit.


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Who is ClosingPage perfect for?

Sales professionals in the following industries:

i) Technology sales (like SaaS) looking to follow-up with customers after a demo meeting

ii) Solo entrepreneurs and startups looking to follow-up after customer or investor meetings

iii) Agencies and freelancers looking to follow-up with their customers by sharing their portfolios 

iv) Other professionals looking to send follow-ups on a daily basis


How is ClosingPage different than existing solutions like or DocSend?

Attach and DocSend are both respectable companies who are in the collateral tracking space. Their success is a remarkable validation for this market that we’re stepping in. As we spent a lot of time on Attach and DocSend, it quickly became clear that our paths were different and that they were solving the problem of document/attachment tracking. 

We like to solve the problem of follow-ups. 

Both Attach and DocSend lets you upload, share and track individual sales documents where as we focus on allowing your vision to be beyond just attachments. 

ClosingPages are entire web collections with several rich media components.

Below are some more ways that differentiate us from DocSend/Attach:

i) Templates:

Unlike others, ClosingPage has a feature called "Templates" that lets you select a pre-configured page for you to use. This is an evolving feature and we're planning to add more templates based on your use cases.

ii) Styles:

Unlike others, ClosingPage has a feature called "Styles". The styles saves time by letting you re-use templates that you previously customized. These come in very handy when you need to send multiple follow-ups in a week.

iii) Tracking:

Because of the fact that you are building web pages with multiple sales documents, you get detailed analytics and actionable insights into which piece of content works for your customers.

iv) Personalization:

There is plenty of space in our product for adding personal touches like an opening greeting and a signature area where you can be creative.

In essence, ClosingPage is like building landing pages but faster. And without any design/marketing background. 


What is your pricing model?

Our current beta is free. You can send up to 30 ClosingPages per month for now. 

Premium features like custom branding, more templates and the ability to send unlimited ClosingPages will be included in our next release. The pricing starts from $9.99 per month and go up.

But it is absolutely free for now. Please let us know if you are a startup/non-profit, we’ll make sure to include a special discount for you in our next release. #payingitforward