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"ClosingPage gives me the ability to know what the prospects are thinking after the demo. With this data, I can follow up with what is relevant to the customer and close more. Having a view into what they did and didn't look at, and when and who viewed it, is crucial for following up with relevant information that they want to hear about."

- Alex Kalvin, Account Executive, Sage Live



“As a sales leader, ClosingPage is interesting to me because it improves my sales team's performance in follow-ups. It lets me tap into a whole new level of customer engagement data so I know which sales content is wining more deals."

- Derek Grant, VP of Commercial Sales, SalesLoft



“Very cool! Love the idea. I very much enjoy the idea of getting an e-mail link to this vs. getting a binder of documents or e-mail with 90 attachments.”

- Zach McCormick, Owner, Trailblazing Technology Inc.